A thought about limitations

Never go ahead of grace by an imprudent eagerness, but quietly await its movements, and, when it comes to you, go along with it, with great gentleness, humility, fidelity and courage.

Fr. Jean-Pierre Medaille

Have you ever had such dear and special friends that as a thought pops into mind or you experience something just a little special, you try to make a mental note to share that with them? That’s how I’ve felt this past month. Something trail arrowwould happen and I’d think, I must share that with the folks on an Unfinished World! But then life got away from me. Holidays, an extended illness (fully recovered now) and some family needs that kept pulling me into other places with no room spiritually or physically to write. But you were ever present in my heart.

It was hard to let go of feeling obligated to write something every week.  There was a sense of shirking my duties if I hadn’t produced an essay or recruited someone to write in my stead. Letting go is lot easier said than done. That is one of the challenges of living in these times. How do we stay open, reflective and sharing with one another when we are pulled in so many directions? Especially as we hold responsibilities as care-givers for family or are forced to be realistic with our physical limitations. And while I did often find myself thinking of something to say, the Way never quite opened to get it in writing. As difficult as it was I finally surrendered and it was good to rest.

Quotas, obligations, and getting things done are only useful as tools that prompt and motivate. When they become the reason and not the means to accomplish a better world, then I’ve lost the point and sometimes stopping is the only way to start again. Often having the humility to never “go ahead of grace” is much more difficult than expected.  But surrendering to the great gentleness can be balm for the soul, in this unfinished world. Because if I remember that I am in this with Spirit, then I need not be so anxious. I can take courage that all will be well with grace and if I am faithful, even in resting great things will be done.

How have you been? I’d love to hear how things are in your journey today.

On the path,


6 thoughts on “A thought about limitations

  1. I’m constantly being made aware of my limitations. That’s one of the hardships and graces of getting older. Everything takes longer than it used to, and I find it hard to accept that. I’m gradually learning to accept myself as I am, the age that I am, as God does. I ptay often,”God, help me to love myself as your gift.” And, as I said, “That’s the grace of getting older,” to trust in God’s help to be able to do just what God wants and not what I want.

    • Sr. Mary Ann – that is so helpful. And what a gift you are to us, to help us remember that accepting ourselves with the same love as we are given by God is part of being faithful and growing.

  2. I had a painful, but much needed awakening to my own toxicity. I have been in codependent relationships my whole life, and have finally seen the destructiveness I bring. I am aware of my imperfections, of my limitations, and my filth.

    Today, and in all moments, I try to be thankful that I am not God, I am not a savior, or a healer. I am an imperfect mess, and that is beautiful.

    • It is one of the hardest things for me, to try to love myself and others as God loves. One of the challenges and joys of being human.

  3. Anna – I have missed you and am sorry to hear you had an extended illness. I think we can all relate to being able to only do so much. By taking care of ourselves, then we can take care of others. To me, it is amazing all that you do!

    • Awww shucks, thanks. I’ve really missed too. We’ve got a couple of great guest blogs in the coming weeks. But I’m hoping to be back on track. So good to hear from you! Snowed in with the rest of us! And yes that taking care of ourselves really is essential, but so easy to overlook!

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